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Oceanic treasure aquarium

The aquarium is situated in the below the hill behind Chuanxizhai at Chingcheng Lake. This series of mysterious underground tunnel approximately 200m in length was built in 1961 as an nuclear bunker. It fell into disuse and was eventually abandoned, then later converted into a tourist destination. The aquarium has numerous species of marine life on display, and has the special animal area, oceanic treasure area, shellfish area, coral area, spectacular stone area, and sperm whale exhibition area, all of which full of entertainment and educational values.

Chengqing House

Chengqing House was one of Chiang Kai-shek’s guesthouses, and is perhaps the guesthouse that he most often frequent during his days of governing, concerned with the country and its people. The interior of the guesthouse is simply decorated, and the his bedroom is as was, while the remaining spaces has been renovated into a small history gallery, containing important historical data including the provisional constitution of the titulary period, the Japanese Instrument of Surrender of the Second Sino-Japanese War, and documents of The 37.5% Arable Rent Reduction Act. The House is open to the public on weekends and public holidays.

Niaosong Wetland Park

Niaosong Wetland Park is divided into wetland observation pond, ecology education observation pond, small sand basin area, plant reserve area, wooden paths and others. The park entrance is to the left of Chenching Lake main entrance. The park has a large variety of fauna and flora, with a rich ecology. There are observation windows, bird-watching walls, information boards along the way, so visitors can better understand the Niaosong wetland ecology. There are also two wooden octagonal pavilions in the park, and are eye-catching due to their unusual designs.

Featured tour routes

【1 day routes】

【Culture feast tour】
Chengching Lake Youth Activity Center → Buddha Museum → → Meinong Hakka cultural tour → Cishan’s Old Street visit → explore the Cable-stayed Bridge at night → lodging at Chengching Lakefront Resort
【Technological environmental tour】
Chengching Lake Youth Activity Center → visit the Chengching advanced water purification station→ National Museum of Science and Technology → Yangming Museum of Marine Exploration → lodging at Chengching Lakefront Resort